loggerhead turtle titanium jaw

Another very positive case-in-use of 3D Metal printing technology. This unfortunate turtle had a run in with a boat propeller which broke it's jaw wide open... A team of Veterinarians from Turkey decided to make use of cutting edge technology and design a new jaw for the turtle out of medical grade Titanium.


From the article:

Detailed scans of the injured creature's head were used to generate the design of the prosthetic beak.

If the prosthetic is not rejected by the turtle, the animal will be returned to the sea shortly.

The 45kg (99lb) creature was taken to the sea turtle Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation centre at Pamukkale University in Denizli, Turkey soon after being found badly injured at sea.

Initially staff at the centre nursed it back to health by feeding it by hand but realised another solution was needed if the turtle was ever going to be able to fend for itself.

The rehabilitation centre contacted Turkish company BTech Innovation, known for custom-making medical prosthetics and implants for humans, to see if it could help.

BTech used CT scans taken by vets to produce a design that fitted perfectly to the injury site and restored the turtle's ability to feed.

The turtle, named Akut-3, is currently convalescing at the recovery centre to ensure that it has adapted to its metal jaw.


Read more here: Loggerhead turtle gets 3D printed titanium jaw!

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